Cowboys and Gauchos Combo / Spicy

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Explore the spirited fusion of Texan and Argentine grilling with our 'Cowboys and Gauchos' combo. This exclusive set pairs our classic TX Salt & Pepper blend with our authentic Argentine Chimichurri for a culinary experience that spans continents.

Ideal for adventurous chefs and backyard grill masters alike, the 'Cowboys and Gauchos' combo invites you to create bold, flavorful dishes that celebrate the heritage and heart of two iconic cultures.

This amazing combo contains:

Spicy  Chimichurri: Al Frugoni’s Chimichurri is the ideal choice for a rub, a sauce, and a marinade, bringing to your kitchen original flavors and the best quality ingredients. Chimichurri can be used as a table condiment for your food, used on the food during cooking, or as a rub. It can be used on beef, pork, poultry, fish and wild game. Ingredients: Spices, Garlic and Salt.

TX Salt & Pepper: When it comes to seasoning your meat, keeping things simple allows the flavors of the meat and smoke to shine. According to Central Texas tradition, salt and pepper are all you need to create fantastic results. Al Frugoni’s sea salt and fresh black pepper blend can be generously applied to your cut of meat before it hits the heat. Apply it generously to allow the salt to deeply penetrate your choice cuts, ensuring a rich and authentic taste that goes beyond just the surface. Ingredients: Sea salt & pepper.