Gaucho Combo / Original

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Explore the essence of Argentine Asado with our new Gaucho Combo, a perfect pairing of Al Frugoni’s renowned Chimichurri and Asado All Purpose (AKA Salmuera). 

Inspired by the rugged charm of the Gauchos, this combo pack is designed to transform your grilling into a culinary adventure. Each component complements the other, ensuring your dishes are not just cooked, but passionately crafted with the spirit of Argentina.

Ideal for any grill master seeking to elevate their barbecue with authentic South American flavors.

This amazing combo contains:

Original Chimichurri: Al Frugoni’s Chimichurri is the ideal choice for a rub, a sauce, and a marinade, bringing to your kitchen original flavors and the best quality ingredients. Chimichurri can be used as a table condiment for your food, used on the food during cooking, or as a rub. It can be used on beef, pork, poultry, fish and wild game. Ingredients: Parsley, garlic, crushed pepper, oregano,  and other spices.  LOW SODIUM. KETO.

Asado All-Purpose:  Inspired by the traditional Argentine 'Salmuera', Al Frugoni’s Asado All Purpose Rub offers a versatile solution to enrich your meats, poultry, fish, wild game, and vegetables. It can be used wet or as a dry rub.
How to use it as a wet rub:
Mix one tablespoon of Asado Al Purpose to every ½ cup (4oz) of warm water to use as a brine.  Ingredients: Salt, Spices, Garlic. KETO.