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        Welcome to The Live Fire Experience.  I'm so glad you got here! 

        Although social media is a big part about cooking and sharing food with people, what really gets me excited is seeing their faces when they enjoy something that's cooked by me.

        The Live Fire Experience is an itinerant event that brings the best open fire cooking though different neighborhoods. At this unique experience, assistants will be able to enjoy the fusion between Argentinian and Texan barbecue, with me and my team. For those who enjoy mouth-watering meats cooked over open fire or simply want some insight into another culture’s way of life – this event shouldn't be missed. There will be something for everyone to enjoy!

          What can you expect:

          • First, eat like a king!
          • Taste local and imported premium cuts of meat
          • Get involved in the cooking experience and this unique style of cooking.
          • Know more about the barbecue  and asado culture!!
          • Live Music
          • More importantly, enjoy this unique live fire experience with likeminded guests.

          Follow us to know when and where will the next Live Fire Experience take place!

          SPONSORS: For more information, please contact Luka! luka@alfrugoni.com

          Thanks and see you soon!